About Us

Saturna Island, one of the "Wine Islands" of British Columbia's west coast is the most southern of the Gulf Islands, aptly named the Enchanted Isles.

In 1884, two wealthy English gentlemen, merchant adventurers drawn to Western Canada through a sense of adventure, arrived on Saturna Island and purchased for five thousand dollars 784 acres from one of the earliest settlers. Here, Warburton Pike established his homestead, planting fruit trees, running sheep and building his home on the shores of Saturna Beach where First Nations people had harvested shellfish for many past generations.

Pike's home was the gathering place for a group of English bachelors, lively with cricket matches and cock fights when the others would arrive to visit from their homesteads on neighbouring Islands. Soon, Pike joined the elusive search for gold in the Klondike and engaged in commercial ventures in northern British Columbia, ultimately selling the Saturna homestead in 1908. His remaining legacy is Mount Warburton Pike, the highest point of Saturna Island.

It is in this setting, largely untouched by development for the ensuing Century that, in 1995, the careful commercial development of the property began. Today, the dormant meadows and pastures formerly occupied by sheep and feral goats are lush and abundant Vineyards, developed to produce grapes for the on- site Winery where magnificent wines are crafted.

Since its acquisition in 1995, the 78 acre parcel with waterfront access to Saturna Beach has been developed into one of the larger vineyards in British Columbia.

Saturna Island Family Estate Winery is the premier winery in British Columbia's Gulf Islands. It is centered in a unique marine ecosystem which attracts whale watching, kayaking, pleasure boating and diving enthusiasts. Its micro climate is unique to the region, and is described as being markedly similar to that of the northern Mediterranean region. The Winery is committed to producing wines of superior style and quality: wines that exemplify the unique terroir and climate.

Saturna Island Family Estate Winery has developed 60 acres of vineyards that are ideal for the cultivation of classic European grape varietals.

Grape varietals are Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Gewürztraminer and Pinot Noir.

Summers are warm, and Winters are mild and free of frost; the ideal conditions for a long growing season. A monolithic sandstone cliff on the north boundary captures and reflects heat onto the Vineyards throughout long Summer days.